Office Dr. Rathenau & Colleagues: Portuguese Property Law 2019

Having completed a period of five years as holder of a Golden Visa, the programme entitles you to a permanent residence permit (autorização de residência permanente). This has two advantages:

1. you are no longer subject to the conditions of the Golden Visa Programme, i.e. no minimum stay periods, less paperwork and no restrictions on your investment

2. your freedom of movement into and within the Schengen Area is enhanced considerably.

In order to obtain permanent residence, in addition to complying with the Golden Visa Programme, you have to prove that:

- you are in a position to sustain yourself and your family financially

- you have an accommodation in Portugal

- you have a basic knowledge of the Portuguese language

Since the last requirement might seem a little daunting, we are of course happy to help you finding an appropriate language course and/or preparatory classes for the test.