Office Dr. Rathenau & Colleagues: Portuguese Property Law 2019

As part of our Golden Visa Package, we offer to accompany and advise you along every step of the way.

While the programme is quite straightforward and Portugal has a reliable, efficient legal system, there are several pitfalls that we can help you avoid and steps in which we can assist you:

- choosing a property or other investment that is competitively priced and economically viable, including all due legal diligence

- handling the acquisition of that property

- applying for the residence permit and its renewals, making sure that you fulfill all conditions and provide all paperwork required by Portuguese authorities

- organizing the required annual visits and making sure that these are properly documented

- management of your property, including rental services and tax obligations

- competent, comprehensive legal advice on all questions and issues that might arise

If you are interested in our Golden Visa Package and how we can help you take advantage of the Golden Visa Programme, please do not hesitate to contact us (